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  4. Connecting

    Check the getting started guide on Melia's GitHub page. https://github.com/aura-project/melia/wiki/Getting-started
  5. Connecting

    Hi all, I am a c# programmer new here and I want to contribute a little, no, unfortunately no experience in emulation but I do want to learn. How do I get the client to connect to Melia?
  6. Is this project still alive?

    You just have to be a little clever about what you search for. For example, incorporate the description into the search on GitHub, e.g. "aura server emulator". As we said, it's relatively easy once you found a fork, because from there you can find the latest forks.
  7. Is this project still alive?

    Thanks for the info, but I would had gladly got Aura from January if I would be able to find it somewhere. About PowerPatcher, I was simply quoting the author on the repository page in the readme. I know that it's related to the path. It will work under version 248 but there is no folder on mabipatch from 248. It's why it works with 243. I'm glad for kyuvn for have the project's files to stick with 243, I'm not so lucky.
  8. Is this project still alive?

    Just because PowerPatcher can't find a direct patch path doesn't mean that it's not working at all, it is working, as you can see by the people here who have used it to download 243. The correct version for HyddwnServer at the time of this post is 259, so problems are to be expected if you use 254, though I wouldn't recommend using HyddwnServer anyway. I don't know what kind of changes they made. The January 2017 version of Aura, the one compatible with 243, is a good cutoff, since we had just finished G1. Melia has nothing to do with Aura or Mabi, it's a server emulator for a different MMORPG.
  9. Is this project still alive?

    Power patcher is not working anymore, nexon changed the way patches are processed. But patches and full versions can be downloaded with mabi-patch-thing. I'm not certain that it works for every version but it works for 243 and 254 so probably also anything between. If patching fail, try a full version download (check the tool help with --help). I just tried HyddwnServer, it works but combat is lagging and I have some "unimplemented" and AI errors in the console, so despite the fact that the project manager says it works with client 254, it still doesn't seem to be the good version, or it's just the maximum coded for now. I'll try with Melia I guess.
  10. Is this project still alive?

    Thank you , i'll try this method
  11. Is this project still alive?

    A) We can't post a download link to the client here, that would be illegal. B) The other posts in this thread clearly describe how you have to downgrade a client to get to 243 using PowerPatcher.
  12. Is this project still alive?

    Ty for the info , now i'm going to find link to download client version 243 but didn't see any, anyone have that client download link? Thank you so much .
  13. Is this project still alive?

    The version of Aura and the client you're using aren't compatible. Read this thread, it has all the info you need to get compatible versions of Aura and the NA client.
  14. Is this project still alive?

    I'm stuck at Character Selection can't create new Character , console with no error . Help plz
  15. Happy Holidays everybody

  16. Is this project still alive?

    *cough* just a little something for those looking for forks. If you find one of the "not so up to date forks" u can go to the "contributers" page and usually the people in there have/had pretty "recent" forks.
  17. Is this project still alive?

    I've read it. I know that the repository is closed and that we must find forks. But so far the only fork I see is HyddwnServer and I was wondering if there was still a master aura package downloadable somewhere. I'll try HyddwnServer then. Thanks.
  18. Is this project still alive?

    Start by reading the first post in this thread.
  19. Is this project still alive?

    I know that the repository is shut down by Nexon, but is there anywhere else we can get it?
  20. Is this project still alive?

    That's the version to use for the January 2017 version of Aura, which you apparently aren't using.
  21. Is this project still alive?

    what client version should i get ? my client version is 243
  22. Is this project still alive?

    Your client version doesn't match the version your Aura server is optimized for. Make sure to get the correct client version.
  23. Is this project still alive?

    I'm working on several projects, and I also have a new project in the realm of MMORPG servers, though I can't say any more about that yet.
  24. Is this project still alive?

    Yo Exec, I've been following your project for quite some time, and it saddens me to know you had to stop it because of DMCA. Watching your progress over the years I can tell you are quite a skilled programmer, are you planning to work on a different project in the future?
  25. Is this project still alive?

    Aura is on the level of G1, the very beginning of Mabinogi. A lot has changed in the beginner quests in the mean-time, and those changes don't exist in Aura yet. Skills aren't constantly thrown at you, and some skills, like egg gathering, don't exist at all.
  26. Is this project still alive?

    Sorry, managed to make an account by myself but started playing and forgot I posted that question XD really thanks for all the help, I know i've been annoying. I have some questions though, what skillsets are currently in the game? I see that on the first quest I didn't learn def or counter, and when I tried to gather an egg from a hen I didn't got the egg gathering skill.
  27. Is this project still alive?

    Prefix your username with "new__" to create a new account with that name (e.g. "new__fenrir"). After the first login you don't need the prefix anymore. And since how to become GM will probably be your next question: use the "auth" command in the login server window.
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