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  4. [Melia] Monster spawns and use of skills

    No, unfortunately those featurs haven't been implemented yet, right now Melia can't be used to actually play the game.
  5. Hello! Is the lastest version of Melia able to spawn monsters and using skills? Or is it some future feature? By 'spawn monsters', I mean, automatically. I ask, because I cannot use any skills and I didnt saw any monsters. Thanks in advance for your answers!
  6. Cannot connect to the server

    Oh, I see. I have changed the address in the servers.txt as you adviced me, and now I can log in! The only issue is the language, but I can change it later in-game. Thank you very much for the support!
  7. Cannot connect to the server

    I was able to create an account and log into your server, I'm not sure why you aren't. The login server at least, I couldn't get in-game, presumably because you didn't use your public IP in the servers.txt (system/db/). Could you try to use in your client.xml? And if that doesn't work, try what happens if you use your public IP in the servers.txt. That shouldn't be necessary for the login server, but who knows what the client is doing there.
  8. Cannot connect to the server

    Sure! Here is my web screen and the client.xml file, with my IP and port.
  9. Cannot connect to the server

    Could you show me your web server window and your client.xml?
  10. Cannot connect to the server

    I have downloaded the client again, connected to the official server and set the language to English. But I still cannot connect, the login server shows the 'closed connection' message, and after editing the client.xml, the client launch in korean, prompting the 'cannot connect to the server' message. Any hints?
  11. Cannot connect to the server

    Yes, it is the International Steam version client. I have deleted it and I am downloading again, to make sure that nothing is wrong around the client. I will make sure to enter the official game first, and set the language to English, then test again. As soon as I test it, I will give my feedback. Thank you!
  12. Cannot connect to the server

    Are you using the international Steam client? And is your client set to English?
  13. Cannot connect to the server

    Hello there! I am trying to connect to my server, but the client shows a korean message that says something like "Cannot connect to the server". I have edited the client.xml file, created an account through web-server, however I cannot connect. The client-server shows up the following message: "Closed connection from ''". My Tree of Savior client is updated. Can someone help me, please? Thanks in advance!
  14. Newbie

    Same story, we implemented some in "Legacy", the old version, but they hadn't made it into the version of Aura you have now yet, because they weren't G1 features.
  15. Newbie

    Gotchu~ And the skills I seen were from G2, like Transformation (Pally/DK).
  16. Newbie

    Black and white are the only pre-defined colors, but you can use any color you want by using hex codes. For example, 0xFF0000 would be a shade of red. This is the newest version of Aura you can get, yes. I don't know what skills you saw in those videos, but I would assume you're referring to stuff like advanced magic. There was a version of Aura that had a few more newer skills a few years ago, but everything else in that version of Aura was horrible, and those skills were buggy too. When we rewrote Aura to clean it up we decided to start at G1 and work our way up instead of working on things randomly. That's why near to no post-G1 features can be found in this version.
  17. Newbie

    Thank you! I've finished playing it for ~2.5 hours. Tried most commands and played with most items/cosmetics. It was really interesting to see the things hidden in the game, the skills, items, and such, though >XX of stuff are not implemented in Aura. Last question, mehbee two: Is the only color option for items available in the command 'black' and 'white'? Added anything else like red, blue, green, etc and it strings error. and is this the fresh-est Aura? Because I've checked some Aura videos on YT and found skills not implemented on my client yet works on theirs despite that the video was from ~3-5 years ago.
  18. Newbie

    You can either use the "help" command in-game to get a list of commands you can use, or you can check the commands.conf file in "system/conf/".
  19. Newbie

    TYSM! I've finished creating my character and got the game working, though if possible can you explain the "GM" thing for me? I typed "auth [acc] [level]" in Login Server and nothing seems to happen to my character despite trying levels 1, 4, and 99. Would like to know any of the commands as well. >Update: I'm now authorized, but I only know few of the commands such as: ap, item (luckily there's a list of item ID's), gold, and skill (going 1 by 1 since can't find any starting from 20001)
  20. Newbie

    Download the Release.zip from the release page: https://github.com/Xcelled/powerpatcher/releases
  21. Newbie

    Perhaps I downloaded a wrong version of PowerPatcher? From the one I got from GitHub there were only these and no executables ".exe"
  22. Newbie

    You don't need to do that renaming stuff, as you don't want to patch that client anymore after getting it to run with the old version of Aura. That was just a convenience thing, so you could use PowerPatcher as your default patcher. Move PowerPatcher into your Mabinogi folder and start "PowerPatcher.exe", you can ignore any potential warnings. It will try to patch as soon as it starts, but you can cancel that. Afterwards, go to the "Advanced Features" tab and type "243" into the first text box. Now click "Write custom version number" right beside it, to make the client think it's on version 243, and then click "Redownload current version in full", which will basically download the full 243 client. Once the download is done, the client should be compatible with the last public version of Aura from January 2017.
  23. Newbie

    Thank you! I followed your reply and did everything and now I'm at this part similar to 'Kyuvn'. Tried to use Power Patcher, but after adding ppbak to Mabinogi.exe and opening Client.exe it just stalls and nothing occurs.
  24. Newbie

    Getting Started ============================================================================= Setup (Windows) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ### Requirements * MySQL compatible database server, e.g. [MySQL Server Community Edition](http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/) or [MariaDB](http://mariadb.org/) * A MySQL management software, e.g. [HeidiSQL](http://www.heidisql.com/) * [Git](http://git-scm.com/downloads) (optional) * [Microsoft Visual Studio 2017+](https://www.visualstudio.com/downloads/) ### Obtaining the source code The easiest way to download the source code is to download the entire project as a ZIP file from the repository's page. Alternatively you can use git, a command line tool to manage git repositories. The advantage is that updating is a little easier, because you don't have to re-download the Zip file, merge the new and the old files, etc. To download the source code with git, install it, open the Command Prompt (Windows key + R, type "cmd" and press "OK"), navigate to the directory you want to download Aura to by using the "cd" command (change directory) and in there type ``` git clone https://github.com/aura-project/aura.git ``` This will download a copy of the repository into the current folder, into a sub-folder called "aura". To update it you do the same, but go into the "aura" folder and enter ``` git pull ``` instead. This will "pull" the latest changes from the online repository. ### Setting up the database Once you've obtained a copy of the Aura source, you must set up your database. Download MySQL or MariaDB and follow the instructions during the setup. Afterwards, open `<aura directory>/sql/main.sql` in your query browser (e.g. HeidiSQL) *and run it*, to create the basic structure for Aura. (In HeidiSQL you run the query by pressing the blue "play" button in the tool bar.) Then, navigate to `user/conf/` and create a file called database.conf. Put the following into the file, with your username and password: ``` user : <MySQL Username> pass : <MySQL Password> ``` Save and close database.conf. ### Compiling Open the file Aura.sln in the aura folder in Visual Studio. Under the Build Menu, select Build or simply hit F6. Aura should compile automatically, you don't need to do anything else with the source code. Once you have finished compiling, simply open start_all.bat and your server should be running. Connecting to an Aura Server ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- To connect to a server other than the official one, you have to start your client.exe with special [[Parameters]]. Create a shortcut to your client.exe (right-click client.exe > Create shortcut), right-click it, go to Properties, and modify the Target path to resemble this: ``` C:\Nexon\Mabinogi\Client.exe code:1622 ver:143 logip: logport:11000 chatip: chatport:8002 setting:"file://data/features.xml=Regular, USA" ``` The target still has to be your client.exe, so don't copy the first part if your client is located somewhere else. The IPs and Ports might have to be changed, depending on where the server is and how it's configured, but if you're running the server on your PC the above should be correct. If the path to your client.exe contains spaces, e.g. if it's somewhere in "Program Files", because Steam, the whole path has to be enclosed in quotation. But only the path, not the arguments. For example: ``` "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\...\Mabinogi\Client.exe" code:1622 ver:143 logip: logport:11000 chatip: chatport:8002 setting:"file://data/features.xml=Regular, USA" ``` Creating an account ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- To create a new account, type "new//account_name" at the login window. (Replace "account_name" with your desired name.) The server will create that new account, with the password you've used. After the first login you don't need the "new//" prefix anymore. Aura also supports a "new__" prefix, for clients that don't allow forward-slashes in the user name field. Alternatively you can use the registration page on the web server. See [Web Server](Web-Server.md)) for more information. Becoming a GM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are various [GM Commands](GM-Commands.md) that can be used by GMs. To use them, an account needs specific minimum authority levels. You can change an account's authority directly in the database or by using the command "auth" in the login server's window.
  25. Newbie

    I've finished downloading a version of Aura off GitHub, but being new to this I'm stuck at the beginning. I downloaded the requirements: MySQL and Visual Studio C. 2017. Then built Aura.sln, ran main.sql then closed it (I DUNNO WAT TO DO D:), copied database.conf from system/etc to aura-master/user/conf. Am Ded. Followed: " Compile Aura Run sql/main.sql to setup the database Copy system/conf/database.conf to user/conf/, adjust the necessary values and remove the rest. Afterwards, you should be able to start Aura via the provided scripts or directly from the bin directories. If not, or if you need a more detailed guide, head over to our forums, Gitter chat, or wiki." to the best of mah abilitees. (sad that wiki is also removed) Appreciated to anyone who replies to dis or helps. >:D
  26. Connecting

    Check the getting started guide on Melia's GitHub page. https://github.com/aura-project/melia/wiki/Getting-started
  27. Connecting

    Hi all, I am a c# programmer new here and I want to contribute a little, no, unfortunately no experience in emulation but I do want to learn. How do I get the client to connect to Melia?
  28. Is this project still alive?

    You just have to be a little clever about what you search for. For example, incorporate the description into the search on GitHub, e.g. "aura server emulator". As we said, it's relatively easy once you found a fork, because from there you can find the latest forks.
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