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  1. Is this project still alive?

    *cough* just a little something for those looking for forks. If you find one of the "not so up to date forks" u can go to the "contributers" page and usually the people in there have/had pretty "recent" forks.
  2. Ad mortem, inimicus!

  3. Project Log: 2017-02-06

    Yes and no. It could work if you rename aura and exec getting a new identity aswell as someone else hosting it. But it would have the same fate as aura sooner or later depending on how much nexon cares atm. And if they find out that its basically the same thing with the same people then its pretty much the end of the line. Not worth the risk.
  4. Project Log: 2017-02-06

    No. It's better but you can also download it as a zip..... no need for git as there wont be any updates. Just find a fork and download it. Search for one that isnt totally outdated. Also as a sidenote... now elfinlazz is the master rep for my fork. Quite funny. Anyways my fork is from 12/2016 prolly not that up to date.
  5. Packet size doesn't match packet table size

    So basically someone has to tell the server to listen to the new packets that the game client is sending. And that someone is not exec and... well not me because i honestly never looked at melia nor do i care about ToS. Well I kinda did at some point but I noticed too fast that it is beyond saving...hah. Also packets are wierd. You need to speak a certain language called execpackagelanguage or just be exec.
  6. Question regarding Aura

    YES... uhg.. NO... ugh yes? Aura-project is basically the community name. Aura is the Mabinogi server emulation software (currently on hold until further notice) Melia is the ToS server emulation software (currently on hold until further notice, jk just noone cares caus game is shit) Because of a certrain reason *cough* DMCA *cough* the forum is in its current state and a bit confusing. But here you can find all the little things that exec has put time into: https://github.com/aura-project
  7. Project Log: 2017-02-06

    yeee....... NO
  8. Web Service Error

    "The given path's format is not supported" I would look at that first.
  9. Waiting for execs super awesome custom game

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Sairii


      I haz no extra cheese to put on my pizza today.

      Could you....?

    3. exec


      No, cheese is way to difficult to implement, that would push the release by 2 years at least!

    4. Sairii


      Nintendo said its ok. For the sake of cheese they are willing to wait 2 more years.

  10. Project Log: 2017-01-23

    *pssst* exec, play ro with meeee *pssst* noone will ever know
  11. Repository DMCA

    > and its entire history thats gonna be funny. Even tho we remove the npcs, they are basically still there. Was thinking about that too xD
  12. Nexon is just promoting us with the DMCA

  13. Project Log: 2017-01-16

    Just in case someone missed it yesterday on gitter:
  14. Project Log: 2017-01-16

    Hell no.